The Subacute Unit of a Kindred Hospital provides short-term comprehensive inpatient medical care and rehabilitation for patients with an acute illness, injury or worsening of a disease who no longer require the aggressive medical care provided in a hospital but need additional care before returning home.

    Our Subacute Units are designed to successfully transition patients to a less intense level of care, such as a traditional skilled nursing center, or home with additional services. Being co-located within a transitional care hospital enables access to the hospital’s extensive services and physicians. We offer a continuum of services to our patients that helps to ensure coordination between levels of care and improved outcomes.

    Our Subacute Units are Medicare certified and have contracts with the major managed care providers in the area.

    Team Treatment

    The average length of stay is from several days to several weeks, depending on the patient’s medical and rehabilitation needs. Discharge planning begins upon admission. Our goal is to help each individual achieve positive outcomes, regain function and safely return home as quickly as his/her recovery allows. We educate both the patient and family members in successfully managing a daily routine after discharge.

    Upon admission and under the direction of a physician, patients are evaluated by our interdisciplinary team, which may include but is not limited to:

    • physicians
    • nurses
    • case management and social workers
    • rehabilitation therapists (physical, occupational and speech)
    • recreational activities coordinator
    • dietitian
    • respiratory therapy team
    • pharmacist

    Our Patients

    Subacute patients usually require between 45 minutes and 12 hours of therapy a week and/or:

    • wound care
    • IV therapy management
    • respiratory care
    • tube feeding
    • management of an array of clinically complex care including tracheostomy and complex wound treatment

    Comprehensive, Personalized Services

    Our services may include but are not limited to:

    • on-site 24-hour respiratory and skilled nursing services 
    • 24-hour physician or physician extender coverage
    • on-site lab and X-ray
    • comprehensive rehabilitation program (physical,occupational and speech)
    • advanced pulmonary and respiratory therapy care
    • wound care services, including negative pressure wound therapy
    • post-stroke care
    • orthopedic care
    • neurological illnesses
    • IV antibiotic therapy
    • pain management
    • cardiac care
    • attending and consulting medical staff
    • interdisciplinary management and discharge planning

    Why Choose a Kindred Subacute Unit?

    At Kindred we understand that when people are discharged from a traditional hospital, they often need continued care in order to recover completely. That’s where we come in. Many medically complex patients benefit from extended recovery time. Our subacute patients receive care through treatment delivered according to their individual needs. Our physicians see patients daily to help assure the best outcomes possible.

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